Change The Colour of Your Wardrobes!

In many homes people tend to have fitted wardrobes as they have many benefits. For example, they are space efficient and very classy! However they cost a lot of money, and if after a short period of time you decide you no longer like the colour, you’re in a sticky situation. However this is where uPVC Painters may be able to help.

Spraying your fitted wardrobes can be very cost effective if you are looking for a colour change. We spray your wardrobes and cupboards the same way in which we spray the uPVC windows on the exterior of your home. Due to the paint being sprayed, the overall finish is to a very high standard making the wardrobes look like they’ve always been that colour! Which is what we want! It’s not just fitted wardrobes that we spray paint, we do freestanding wardrobes also!

One reason to why you might want to change the colour of your wardrobes is maybe because you recently have had one of your rooms redecorated that has fitted wardrobes and you want everything to match the rest of the home. We have a great range of paint available making it perfect for you to find your ideal colour. Take a look at our Ral Chart for some information.

Take a look at these before and after images of some wardrobes that we recently worked on.


uPVC Wardrobe Spraying   uPVC Wardrobe Spraying After


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