Contrast The Exterior of your Home

A contrast between two opposite colours is always a great idea for when you want to make a lasting impact. This is a common theme within home interior as it gives a classy and effective finish. The monochrome style is a long standing design that many people love. However, the classy style of a light and dark contrast can be carried out to the exterior of your home.

uPVC Painters can give your property the same classy effect of contrasting colours by paint spraying your uPVC windows. We always get excited when we carry out a job with a contrast between two colours. Our particular favourite are anthracite windows and doors against a light render. The overall appearance is very eye –catching, making it stand out tremendously. It has a brilliant modern appeal giving your home a stylish edge.

Its not only these colours that offer a great contrast, take a look at our ral chart and browse through the multiple darker colours we have available.

Here’s a few examples.

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